How to Invest in Starlink? Complete Guide

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High-speed internet is the basic modern-day need that leads the next generation toward innovation in the latest technologies. Starlink is one of them that is the satellite-based internet service provider. It’s high speed and low latency attract many investors and interest them in Starlink. That’s why it is important to know how to invest in Starlink. We discuss the process and other details, including growth and valuable insights to improve your decision.

What is the importance of Starlink in Investment?

Before we discuss how to invest in Starlink, it is crucial to note the importance of Starlink investment and why people are adamant about investing in Starlink. One of the basic reasons for this is that Starlink is owned by Elon Musk, who automatically gets a lot of attention from many investors through his business deals and companies.

SpaceX can also get the attention that operates Starlink due to its innovative launches. One of the most attention-gainers is the Crew-3 Mission launch from the Kennedy Space Center in November 2021. 

Starlink has great potential, and that’s why it is gaining the attention of many investors. At the time of launch, its market value was $6 billion. As it makes $6 billion in the first year, it can turn sales into loyal customers. According to Gwynne Shotwell, current Starlink CEO, Starlink’s total addressable market is as high as $1 trillion, which is commendable.

The second most common reason is the difference Starlink is that it is different from traditional internet companies, using different cables and towers to provide internet services, while Starlink uses satellite. 

Can You Invest in Starlink And Buy Starlink Stocks?

Many networks provide satellite internet to their users with good plans in different places; the same is true here. Yes, we are talking about the most famous Starlink, which benefits its customers in terms of service availability. It engages a satellite internet network and passes on to the dish antennas in the customers’ homes. It has a unique feature: it is not open to the common public, and its shares are also not easily available in the market.

Elon Musk is the executor of this project, who started it under the umbrella of SpaceX, which PAMST stands for pioneering aerospace manufacturer and space transportation company. It is almost a private organization as its funds come from private sources, but most funds directly come from Space X’s resources and investments.

The services of this company are acknowledged around the globe, talking about its reach of globally transforming internet, which is why it has created a craze in the customers to engage this firm. They are going with the passages of Starlink very carefully and are raring to go with the decision of StarX that, when they go on, it opens up for public access.

What we know about the Starlink IPO

Experiencing the flow of customers, SpaceX has initiated to take orders before time for its internet services related to satellite Starlink. Elon Musk clarified in his tweet that the company intends to go through an IPO once, and after that, they come to the position of predicting the cash flow better.

It is a time-consuming process in the presence of the products of any business where they can experience the routine matter flow of cash, so it suggests that IPO is still a way out.

People are still curious about their Initial Public Offering (IPO) announcement. This ongoing project has produced important fuzz in the space industry and satellite communication, which comes possible with its large efforts to make its broadband internet spread all around the globe through an expansive source network of low Earth orbit Satellites.

Having said this, it has come with some excitement. Starlink has been thought to go on privately as a part of SpaceX for some time, providing a certain potential to launch an IPO soon. Going on this passage, the project has the full freedom to focus more on the achievements and milestones of the mission, which is free of public investor scrutiny. 

How to Invest in Starlink? Full Guide

Starlink is a subordinate SpaceX firm founded by a famous iconic personality, Elon Musk. It is not open for public trading, so you can still not invest directly in Starlink through the stock market. Knowing all this, if you are still interested in investing in Starlink Internet, these are the few options for this investment plan.

  • As Starlink is a sub-branch of SpaceX, it is a clear indicator for you to invest in Starlink by means of indirect sources, which is considered an investment in SpaceX.SpaceX is considered a Private domain company, and we cannot buy its shares from the stock market connected with the people. In one way, you can invest in this company if you have a strategy of investing in some private companies.
  • Investing in other companies means investing in companies with strong bonds or relationships with Starlink; for instance, we can suppose Tesla. A few companies, including Amazon, Dish Network, and Alphabet, are expected to join their services and benefits. But one thing is very clear: you can’t have a complete excess to Starlink after this huge investment through indirect sources, and the stock prices may not be able to handle the performance of Starlink.
  • No sources or news stamps the plans of Starlink to go public. But SpaceX can play a vital role in the public of Starlink. When it occurs, buying their shares on the public level will be possible.

5 Steps to Know How to Invest in Starlink

To purchase the stock of Starlink once it touches IPO, it is necessary to go with a brokerage account; after that, open the trading account, send the funds to the account, experience the ticker symbol, and initiate the shares purchasing process.

Brokerage Selection

To become a competitive and successful investor of Starlink, you must need a brokerage account. The selection of brokerage accounts determines and simplifies the strategy of your investment and which platform you like the most for investing. 

Open a Trading Account

When you select one of the best brokerages, you must open a trading account with them. This particular trading account is used for tracing transactions and swapping stocks at present rates and times.

Enter Funds Into the Account

Firstly, open the account and put some amount in the account if you want to get the stock of Starlink. Once you get payment method and your account has been granted authentication, you are ready to invest or trade in Starlink. Now, it depends on you what kind of purchase you want to execute from Starlink before the time you advance forward.

Search For Starlink and check How Many Shares You Want

Go and check the company’s tickers to see if it is a viable option before making any investment. You have to go for a search process of the stock of Starlink once you have got to the exact accessible symbol. After a thorough search, you will be determined and conclude whether I am going for a better investment or not.

Determine Your Order Type

Your order type determines in which way you want to carry on with this trade. We have given here some common trade types for your convenience.

Limit orders:

Buy and sell those transactions that have limited prices.

Stop-loss order:

By this, you are taking the position to the upcoming price or specific price that will be higher.

Market order: 

The market is a recent purchase. There is a surety that an order will be completed but not the executed price.

Execute the Investment!

If you want an immediate transaction, follow these steps to take the order of the market.

  • Select buy or sell type 
  • Choose the shared numbers you want to go with in buying or selling.
  • Now click the “execute” option.

How to buy Starlink stock

Going for the Starlink shares on the stock market is almost impossible. It can only be possible when the company opens up publicly. For this instance, here are some options for you to indulge in how to invest in Starlink or SpaceX, which is its subordinate firm.

Invest in Starlink partners

The most reliable way to go is to invest in Starlink’s partner companies, such as Shift4 Payment company, which has announced its bonding with Starlink company for five years. Look in these companies for indirect investment. To invest in these companies, you have a brokerage account for your cause.

Invest in Tesla

Though making some investments directly to SpaceX or Starlink is difficult, you have an option regarding Tesla, a public property run by Elon Musk. The vehicles used in Tesla are the most internet capable, so one day, it will get the services of Starlink. Look how to invest in Tesla stock if you select this trajectory.

Look for Starlink on pre-IPO trading platforms

There are such types of investing plans of Pre-IPO, which not only permit but also guarantee you to trade and share with SpaceX and Starlink, such as IG and EquityZen.To know about it in detail, visit EquityZen review.

How to invest in Starlink? Pros and Cons

Pros of buying Starlink stock

  1. With this stock in place, you can ease up the expansion of coverage that old ones.
  2. Joining up with SpaceX eases the deployment of satellites.
  3. The government has named some subsidies for SpaceX.

Cons of buying Starlink stock

  1. $30 Billion of the amount is required for one year of time
  2. The service is not well and trustworthy.
  3. There are problems related to space residue and light pollution
  4. Some subscribers unfold the customer service problems.


Investment in Starlink is crucial but a good idea for investors, but it is important to consider some important points before investing in Starlink, and that’s why we share information about how to invest in Starlink in detail to make your investment decision more precise and beneficial.

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